Kente Wood Carving - Djembe Drum - Small


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The Djembe drum, a professional-grade instrument, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This hand-carved marvel boasts the broadest tonal range, constructed from solid mahogany and topped with a capra hircus hide drum head.

Product Features:
  • Color: Wood (Browns), Kente
  • Symbols & Details: Adinkra Symbols: N/A, trees, unkown animal
  • One-piece mahogany solid shell construction
  • Low stretch alpine nylon HTB 5 mm rope
  • Materials: Mahogany wood shell, goatskin head, nylon rope
  • Type of instrument: Djembe drum
  • Weight avg: 10 pounds
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Size: Small
  • Drum head material: Goatskin (capra hircus hide )
  • Details: Perfect for adults seeking the fullest possible tonal range
  • Made in Ghana 📍
Use: Djembes are traditionally used in ceremonial music, drumming ensembles, and social gatherings. Djembes are popular instruments today around the world and are used in many different genres of music, including Afrobeat, reggae, and jazz.

How to Play Djembe and Care of Djembe

To play the Djembe sit on the edge of a chair. Cross your ankles and tuck them slightly under you. Hold the Djembe between your knees or thighs so that the bottom of the drum rests behind your heels. Djembe players will find a wide range of sounds can be produced from this instrument.

The best treatment for a skin head is use. The more a drum is played the better for the head. The natural oils from your skin will help to keep the head in condition. If you find the sound going a little dull you can re-tune the head using the cords.

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