Hand-Carved Ashanti Stool Bookends


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These beautiful hand-carved ashanti stool bookends will add a touch of African artistry and functionality to your bookshelf. Each bookend depicts a miniature stool, a traditional Ghanaian design.

The Ashanti stool, particularly the prominent Golden Stool, is a powerful symbol in Ashanti culture with several layers of meaning:

  • Unity and Power: Stools traditionally represent leadership among the Ashanti people. The Golden Stool, in particular, signifies the unified Ashanti nation and the authority of the Ashanti king.
  • Spiritual Connection: The Ashanti believe the Golden Stool houses the sunsum (soul) of the entire Ashanti people, both living and those who have passed on. It's a connection to their ancestors and a source of their strength.
  • Divine Legitimacy: Legend tells of the Golden Stool descending from the sky, legitimizing the Ashanti king's rule and the nation's existence.

The Ashanti fiercely protected the Golden Stool, even going to war rather than surrender it. It remains a revered symbol of their heritage and cultural identity.

  • Hand-carved from sese wood in Ghana
  • Sold as a pair
  • 6.5H x 5W x 6D each

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