Multicolored Unity Bowl


Color/Design: Multi-Colored
Prix réduit$44.99 USD


Multicolored handcrafted unity bowl is made in Ghana from a single piece of wood by master craftsmen.The famous 3-head Unity Bowl is carved in a single piece of wood with 3 inseparable figures entwined, symbolizes unity in a family or in an ethnic group. The bowl placed on top of their head signifies the responsibility of a unified family - to maintain happiness and love in the house. 

This pieces has engraved animals on the outer layer of the bowl; elephant, giraffe, rhino, hippo are carved on them. The wood is dark almost blackish in color. Very smooth and lightweight.

These beautiful pieces of art would be a good addition to Bohemian style decor. The would look lovely for display under light on their own or as bowl holders. Use this Unity statue with the bowl as a tabletop display or place a few flowers inside for freshness throughout the day, alongwith a traditional charm. The removable calabash bowl can be used as display or to serve snacks or hold miscellanoeus items

Material Wood
Dimensions Height: 10 Inches; Width: 9 Inches
Color Multicolored




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