In the quest to promote African culture all over the world African attires is taking the forefront in the journey and no better place is it making its mark than the glamorous American movie Industry; Hollywood. In recent times African culture is being displayed to the world in different styles and forms, that's why it won't come as a surprise to you when you see European rocking African prints with pride.


It's no news how African attires is now globally accepted, even top designers and personal designers of Hollywood stars are now creating amazing designs using African fabrics.


The African attire is gradually sweeping through the globe and it is evident mostly in the most glamorous movie industry in the world. For over two decades Hollywood has been trying to promote African culture mostly through African prints but in recent years the efforts have intensified, especially with the movie black panther.

The movie black panther was a box office success and was viewed all over the world, the theme was colorful African prints and it was beautiful. The success of the movie and the beauty of its color set off again reaction that's still in motion till this day.


African attires has become even more popular and other Hollywood movies are trying to showcase more African prints in their movies. This movement isn't just limited to a movie alone. The premiere of the movie in cinemas across the world had people trooping in wearing different types of African attires.

It also set off a wave in the Hollywood celebrity circle with more celebrities rocking African prints, displaying and promoting African culture to the world. This shows the strength and impact of the African textile industry and how it can be utilized to promote African culture to the world and at the same time bringing in unbelievable revenue to Africa.

Stefani has been known to rock African attires to major events all over the world, Solange Knowles has also rocked a Deola Sagoe design. Nicki Minaj recently performed on stage wearing a gorgeous African print gown, Kim Kardashian, Draya Michelle, and Kimora Lee have rocked the Kevin Hall inspired African print.

Even the former first lady of the United States have been pictured rocking a beautiful African print. This wave can all be attributed to Hollywood; African culture is being promoted, African attires are being sold and the continent is getting empowered.

This is a wave that is taking over the world a step at a time and if the real Africans are not mindful will pass us by without us even realizing. That's why Afrikan Attires was created by Africans for Africans, you can get the best of African printed design all you have to do is order from our website and you'll get your heart desire delivered to your doorstep.African Clothing Store 2019 Fashion Magazine Feature

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