African Textiles in Interior Decoration

Regardless of the history and origin of the African wax print or ankara as it is popularly known, the African wax print has come full circle and gaining significant acceptance in other countries across the continent and the world at large.

When one thinks African wax print, you are immediately drawn to the geometry, color, bold prints and patterns contains on a piece of fabric. You can say that the African print is a bold representation of the diverse terrains that make up the African continent.

Traditional wax print or ankara are well known in fashion houses around the globe and used in making fashionable statement pieces from dresses, gowns and shirts, bag, shoes and other beautiful wearable attire.

However, the fabric is gaining popularity as unique combinations to make spaces pop and alive in the interior decorating industry.

How to Start

The variety of colors, patterns, shapes and prints can be overwhelming for starters but as a standard rule in interior decoration is less is more.

You can start small like making throw pillows, covering a lamp shade or simple frames that can be used to match the colors on the cushion and other colors around the home.

Tips on how to Showcase African Prints in your Home

Due to variation in the print, one can easily showcase African print in their home to create an eye catching effect.

  • Prints can create a bold beautiful effect when used in place of blinds; roll them up to get some natural light into your home or leave them down and create stunning colors and patterns in your space as the sun rays hit the fabric.
  • It can be used to cover the sofa in the living room or used as throw pillows to add color and swag to your space. They are also great for making ottomans or mixed with wood to line the cabinets or drawers
  • Take your love of African prints to the bed room by creating a fully covered African print head board that is well-cushioned for added comfort and style.
  • You can decide to make extra fabrics for the pillows to add contrast and dimensionality to the room making your space unique and different. If you truly desire an all African room, African was prints are great for bed covers, duvet in your bed room.
  • Upgrade your furniture appearance with elegant African wax fabrics that are more durable and finer than other furniture fabrics for people that want something different.

Well, there you have it; whether you are looking to wear African prints or decorate your space with one, your options are limitless as they are a great addition to any object,  household item or every day personal items such as your mobile phone and laptop, etc.

To get it right, you can source your fabrics from authentic stores across African and beyond the borders or visit here for more information and other variety of African fabrics.






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